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Suggestions for Seeing Tempe in Arizona

 Best things to do in Tempe

On Saturday early morning, November 17th, we explored Downtown Tempe Luxury Condos as a group of financiers from The Walsh Team’s Millionaire Real Estate Investor (MREI) workshops.


We first visited the Bridgeview at Hayden Ferry Lakeside complex on the south coast of Tempe Town Lake. These condos are quite glamorous, with roomy and sophisticated one-bedrooms beginning at just over $600,000, and three-bedrooms topping out at simply over $1.5 million. These units sport amazing views of the lake, cityscapes, and Arizona State University. This complex is beside the Suncor service center and a soon-to- be- constructed shop hotel. Just over 60 systems remain, and move-in is arranged for early 2008, right after the Superbowl. So, if you have the methods, the desire, and the need for absolute luxury, the Bridgeview complex is for you!


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The 2nd stop was the Lumina Tempe Arena Job, by Constellation Property Group. This complex is developed by well known Australian architect Eugene Marchese’s efficient, classy, and almost minimalist style. Ultra-modern appearances abound with every square foot of the complex, from the outdoor grounds and smooth swimming pools, to the neighborhood areas, to each stylish and spacious system. With the style strategies used, 700 square foot units seem to be more like 1000. The price point for the one bedroom unit starts at $273,000, and they have a bond program that allows buyers to put a minimum down to reserve the systems. The complex includes Reclaim U Counseling both condominium houses and luxurious “boutique-hotel” rooms, and has a guaranteed cosmopolitan, jet-set, more youthful feel to it. Right across the street from new Light Rail station and Sun Devil arena, it is sure to be popular with trainees and alumni’ moms and dads.


Centerpoint Condominiums was our last stop. Their sales center provides a complete way of life, with gourmet chefs, recreation, a ground floor deli, coffeehouse, and even it’s own winery. This complex is all about lifestyle and taste. The studios and one bed room systems remain in the $300-500k range, while the 2 bed room start at $600k, and the 3 bedroom units are in the low $1 millions. They offer a lease back program, for the first 2 years for specific systems. The views are spectacular and the very first tower will have owners relocating by April/ May 2008.

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